Friday, December 26, 2008

Wells Lamont 'SUG' Sport Utility Gloves

(All photos from CycleDog. Some rights reserved under a Creative Commons license.)

I wrote the following three paragraphs to customer service at Wells Lamont.

I bought a pair of SUG high visibility gloves for bicycle commuting. These have a reflective patch on the back and I've found that very useful as I ride to work before dawn. By rolling my wrist, I produce a 'flashing' turn signal. You should market these to bicycle shops.

Unfortunately, I wore a hole in the forefinger of one glove while replacing a drive belt in my car. I'm not complaining! Sure, the glove was damaged, but my finger was fine. I'll take that trade.

And I'll be going up to Atwoods for another pair later this week. You have a good product that offers good value for the price.

Here's their response two days later.

Thank you for your email. Your suggestion to market our gloves to bicycle shops is a good one!

Wells Lamont takes great pride in providing high quality gloves for our loyal consumers - we are delighted to hear your positive feedback.

If at anytime you have a question concerning our gloves, please contact us .

Thank you for your interest in Wells Lamont gloves - we look forward to meeting your needs for premium quality work and garden gloves.



Blogger Kerry said...

I also have a pair of Wells Lamont gloves that I use to commute in. They are warm and very durable. Probably as good as most cycling-specific gloves.

9:09 PM  
Blogger The Donut Guy said...

I have them as well....I use mine for yard need for the reflective feature, although some of my out of shape neighbors could use them to signal turns on their riding mowers....

12:24 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Those are some cool looking gloves. Never seen a mix of colors like that before, heh!

1:28 AM  

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