Saturday, February 05, 2005

A short note on a Saturday afternoon...

I just finished a quick thrash in the garage. I sprayed the inside of the Bianchi with Amzoil MPHD (metal protectant heavy duty), stuff that doubles as chain lube and rust preventative. Hey! I'm cheap! This is much less costly that the boutique lubes. Of course, I got it all over my hands, my shoes, and the garage floor.

I set it aside to drain off the excess, put the Centurion fixed gear into the stand, and swapped out the funky old over stuffed Schwinn saddle for a funky-but-cool Brooks Professional. Looks very nice, in a retro way.

Then I came back inside to see where the Tulsa Wheelmen time trial series would be this year. Guess what - no time trials! So there's no need to set up a fixed gear TT bike, unless I want to do it just for fun. Looks like I'll be doing just the crits this summer. Gotta stay ahead of my teenage son!


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