Friday, November 04, 2005

Community Cycling Project feedback

(Sandra sent this to the local advocacy group yesterday. I like it because it's an example of the best kind of bicycling advocacy - changing one mind at a time....Ed)

The letter below is from Kenneth Dodd (July 30, 2005 CCP Class taught by Brian, Gary and Ed with help from Tom). I received a call earlier this week from his case worker inquiring about getting a replacement head light for Kenneth. We have some extras here so I dropped one off on my way home on Monday. I received this letter today:


Dear Sandra,

I am writing to thank you all for the training and safety equipment. I was turning right, into my lane when a car apparently did not see me. The car turned sharply inside of me causing me to do the emergency sharp turn that I learned in your program. This emergency sharp turn saved me from being hit by the car, but I did hit the center divider that was curb high. My wheels hit the curb as I was pulling out of the quick turn, and this caused the bike to slam to my left throwing me into on-coming traffic. I suffered one cracked rib and tore a ligament in my right shoulder. However, because of the safety equipment you provided, (safety helmet) I was spared a certain injury to my head. I was able to walk away from this accident.

Thank you for the safety training, and the safety equipment. It played a critical role in accident avoidance and having a injury free head. Every since then I have often thought of your training.

Kenneth Dodd

P.S. Thank you for replacing the head light I broke during this fall.

Kenneth Dodd


Blogger Fritz said...

I hit a car last night. As I crossed through an intersection at 20 mph a little Chevy Malibu blew through the stop sign. I pulled a Hans Rey and bunny hopped three feet right onto the hood of the Malibu. My front wheel cleared the fender onto the hood, the back wheel bumped the fender pretty good but I had enough momentum to pull the back wheel up and over.

I rolled off the hood and flatted both tires and broke several spokes as I landed on the ground. I just barely managed to stay upright. About five other drivers witnessed this so I was feeling really good. One guy even applauded the performance and thought it was staged.

Kind of like this whole comment is staged. The Malibu ran the stop, but I dodged it and the rest of that story is completely made up.

8:52 AM  
Blogger Ed W said...

You had me at first, Fritz! I was beginning to believe that you're an awesome cycling god, but then you had to go and tell the truth.

Long ago, a woman pulled out in front of me from a side street. I never had a chance to dodge. I hit the car just behind the front wheel well, landing on her hood and dragging the bike allthe way across it because I had a death grip on the handelbars. I broke off the antenna, scratched the hood, and bent the windshield wipers. My Peugeot was totalled, the frame bent beyond redemption.

"I never saw you!" she said. Apparently my bright orange helmet and windbreaker slipped below her level of awareness, but I suspect sirens and flashing lights would have too.


8:38 AM  

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