Monday, December 05, 2005

Monday Brrrrr!

As I rode by the obnoxious bank sign this morning, one of the scrolling-everything-EXCEPT-the-time-and-temperature monstrosities that are
popping up everywhere, I was wildly fortunate to see the temperature as it
flashed by in a nanosecond or so. Then the sign went back to its usual
blather about how much I could save by giving the bank my money. It was
19F. My fingers and toes had already informed the brain that they were
COLD! Luckily the wind was out of the north, so I had a tailwind all the
way to work. But the little bit of wind that seeped in around the edges of
my balaclava made my ears feel cold too.

Regardless, the ride to work was uneventful. No aliens from outer space
bent on kidnapping. No yard dogs looking to breakfast on a wayward cyclist.
No idiot motorists. It was almost boring and dull. I spun along easily in
the small ring.

At the main gate, the security guard looked like the Michelin Man! He's a
little stout to begin with, but when he added multiple layers of warm
clothing, he was decidedly round. His nose and cheeks were red from the
cold, and I thought if he had a red suit and beard, he'd be a passable
Santa. The only incongruous note was a jaunty black and white scarf looped
around his neck. "Hey!" he yelled as I rode up. "They have special
hospitals for people like you!"

I laughed and shot back, "Yeah, and I worked in one until they let me out!"

By mid-January I'll be acclimated to the cold - assuming it actually stays
cold here. Oklahoma's weather is unpredictable. The average low in
December is 26F. In January, it's not much colder at 22F. Sure, this is
nothing to the Ice Bike crowd, but for now it feels like the Arctic!


Blogger Fritz said...

Daytime low in the single digits today and tomorrow in Colorado. Yesterday, the temperature was more reasonable but we had 100 mph winds. I drove to work yesterday.

2:07 PM  
Blogger mags said...

Arctic? Well, you gotta get a bit colder then 19F... :) That's almost warm!


4:36 PM  
Blogger the old bag said...

My sympathies!

But ya know, we're sitting in the single digits up here, ya, doncha know. I'd be doing the happy dance for 19'. But I agree, for OK, that's chilly!


9:22 PM  
Blogger Ed W said...

It's the wild variability here that makes me crazy. It may snow as much as 5 inches tonight - enough to paralyze the city - but it could be 70F next week. No wonder we all get sick!

Once, I told my mother-in-law up in PA that I went out riding my bike wearing shorts in January. She said I could do the same up there, but they probably wouldn't find me until the spring thaw.

9:24 PM  
Blogger bikefridaywalter said...

makes me happy for the 34 it was this morning in eugene. with about 10% of the wind speed fritz had to deal with. 100mph???!! DAMN. that's way worse than the cold, even in single digits.

1:05 AM  

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