Saturday, December 03, 2005

OBC Meeting

I just got back from the Oklahoma Bicycle Coalition membership meeting. It was held in Stillwater. My daughter needed the car today, so I rode to Sandra's house, then she, Brian, and I drove out to Stillwater.

We covered a lot at the meeting, installing new officers for 2006, and covering a lot of business. There are 10 new LCI's, including 2 law enforcement officers. One new idea is to list the Road1 and LCI classes on the OBC website, something that should have been obvious. We explored some ideas that would increase the visibility and recognition of the OBC as the state-wide advocacy group.

Those three sentences are a paltry description of the discussion. There was so much more. But one thing that struck me was the progress we've made in the last few years. We have the basis for a strong, highly effective cycling advocacy group, and we've met with both successes and failures. We need to learn from the failures and capitalize on the successes.

Once I get the minutes from our secretary, I'll write something more focused and far more coherent. As happens from time to time, I had a headwind going both ways today. It was cold too, but the wind knocked the stuffin' out of me! I'm trying to watch a movie on television, but I keep falling asleep.

Welcome to middle-age!


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