Monday, November 13, 2006

Cycles Valhalla Coming Slowly On Line

Forbes is importing some heavy-duty bikes from India, including some leather saddles. His website features one that appears to be a reproducton of an old Raleigh. I've looked at some of the Indian bikes too, and with two old Raleigh Tourists sitting in the garage, I could use some parts!

In, "Forbes Bagatelle-Black" wrote:

My bicycle company, Cycles Valhalla, is about to become a quasi-reality. I am supposed to get in my first sample tomorrow, via air freight from India:

Life is full of surprises. I got the bike yesterday. It's a single speed! I just assumed it would be a three speed, but that was entirely my fault. I went back and looked at all the info on the bike, and, sure enough, it was a single speed. Just goes to show that one's hard-wired expectations can override the data in front of one's eyes.

In any case, the bike looks very cool so far. Funky-cool and way, way sturdy. I chatted with the company rep last night. They can make the bikes three speeds, but with "fixie-fever" sweeping the nation, I think my first order will be for single speeds.

I'll build it up this weekend. More pics to follow.


Blogger Paul Tay said...

I like the HD kickstand. There would not be a need for the full chainguard, if the chain is kevlar.

5:54 PM  
Blogger FBB said...

Thanks for the props, Cycledog! I just wanted to make one comment. The bicycles I am importing are based on many older designs, including certain models based on old Raleigh designs. However, they are not "replicas" in the sense that "replicas" are generally designed for history buffs or folks nostalgic for the good old days. My vendor uses these designs because they are darn good designs for making reliable, practical bikes. My vendor sells thousands of these bikes all over the world to people who do not own cars - who rely on their bicycles for all their transportation needs. The designs are driven by functionality, not nostalgia. - Forbes B-Black

2:40 PM  

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