Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pennine Re della Corsa

This is the oldest rideable bike I own. It's a Pennine "Re della Corsa" from the early 1970's. It was my racing bike back in the day, though to be honest, I didn't do well as a racer. The frame was designed as a lightweight touring bike with 27" wheels, ample clearance for fenders, and the requisite eyelets for mounting fenders and racks. This fork came from a Raleigh Pro. The original had an enourmous amount of rake that made cornering difficult. The color is a black Imron respray. Originally, the bike was white and required all those clips and brackets for cables. A friend replaced them with brazed on brackets, cable stops and guides, and even the bosses for downtube levers. Quite hot in it's day! I kept all the hardware attached - that is, I didn't grind it all off when I converted it to a fixed gear, because I may convert it back to a geared bike someday, or Jordan may end up using it. The kid is gonna be bigger than me! Posted by Picasa


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