Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Musette

Carbon Calculator

I came across this carbon calculator via bikelovejones in a post titled Treading Lightly.

We all contribute to global warming every day. The carbon dioxide you produce by driving your car and leaving the lights on adds up quickly. You may be surprised by how much Co2 you are emitting each year. Calculate your personal impact and learn how you can take action to reduce or even eliminate your emissions of carbon dioxide.

Now, my own carbon average is 4.25. That's less than the national average of 7.5, but far more than Beth's 0.5, which she attributes to not owning a car. I have a car, an older Ford, but I just don't drive much. In fact, I drive roughly half the national average per year, about 6,000 miles.

An epiphany in WalMart...

Yes, I held my nose and went into WalMart yesterday. I walked in a half-circle through the store until I reached the sporting goods section. I left there, and rather than retrace my path back to the front, I continued around the circle. That's when it hit me.

I'd discovered why men never ask directions! If I'd retraced my steps, I would have seen the same things a second time. Why do that? Just down that next aisle there could be something wondrous. Just down that next road there could be something that could change my life. Somewhere out there just over the horizon there could be something magical. But if we don't take that road, or step into that aisle we'll never see it.

There's no point in turning back or asking directions. Men are adventurers at heart. Magellan had already seen the east coast of South America. He wasn't about to turn around and see it again, so he ended up sailing around the world.

I explained all this to Mary, but she just rolled her eyes. If women had things their way, well, sure, we'd know where everything is, but we'd still be living in caves somewhere in Europe.

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Blogger Fritz said...

Ah, getting lost is an adaptive, evolutionary advantageous response. I like it.

My total, individual carbon output is supposed to be about 3 tons a year. 'Sustainable' -- the amount the biosphere can absorb -- is currently about 1.3 tons per human being on the planet, which isn't much above living in a mud hut, using human powered transportation for *everything*, pumping your own water and certainly never involves any of those cool eco-vacations in Guatamala.

But then if we all lived in mud huts with minimal sanitation and nutrition, it wouldn't take long for our individual carbon allocations to go up.

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