Friday, March 23, 2007

The birds! The birds!

Eagle Nest Webcam

Yeah, I know, it's not bicycle-related, but it's still pretty cool! Here's a live webcam focused on a bald eagle nest here in Oklahoma. I found it via:

March 23rd, 2007 by James Gerraughty

I found this post on the MegaConference users list. Thought I’d pass it on. -James

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From: M. Alan Jenkins []
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2007 1:37 PM
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Dear Fellow Bald Eagle Enthusiast,

In case you aren’t actually interested in seeing The Sutton Avian Research Center’s newest live Bald Eagle nest camera video, please accept my apologies for sending you this e-mail. If you wish to be removed from this e-mail list, please let me know by return e-mail.

Otherwise, you’ll be interested to know that our live Bald Eagle nest camera is now operating and available by linking through our website— This year we were able to get the camera up and operating shortly after the eggs hatched, so you can see the entire nestling process through (cross your fingers) the fledging of the young from the nest in late May, which is later than average for Oklahoma’s Bald Eagles. With the camera in place now, and the high likelihood that the eagles will continue to use the artificial tower as a nest platform, we should be able to broadcast the entire nesting season in 2008, starting with nest renovations in November and continuously through incubation and fledging.


When Cardinals Attack (update)

I put some hawk-like silhouettes in our kitchen window to deter the female cardinal who's been attacking her reflection for the last week or two. The cutouts reduced the attacks for a couple of days, but starting yesterday, she went back to almost constant charging and pecking. At this rate, I'm afraid the bird will spend all her energy and not be capable of nesting. Mary propped a photo of an airplane in one window, and the cardinal seems to avoid that one. She simply started attacking the adjacent window instead!

This bird is becoming a PITA, so much so that she may need a name. Sorry, Ann Coulter is already taken. So I'm open to suggestions. I'm open to suggestions about naming the bird too.

And finally...

Mary and I sat out on the front porch yesterday evening, listening to the mocking bird singing in the oak tree. It's one of my favorite pastimes in the spring, listening to the birds. This is my favorite time of the year to commute via bicycle, because I get to hear the dawn chorus on my way to work.

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