Monday, April 30, 2007

Bike to Work (Forwarded from TulsaNow)

From Patrick Fox, Pedestrian and Bicycle Planner at the Indian Nations Council of Governments:

Hello there my fine TulsaNow friends,

This forum has long provided a great sounding board for a lot of ideas on how to make Tulsa a better, more attractive place to live. It has also prompted a few of you to say "Let's stop talking, and do something about it." Well, now is your chance: The 2007 Bike to Work season is upon us.

Why? There are so many reasons. It's healthy. It's one less car on the road. It's gallons of gas not bought and burned. It's less smog in our air. And, in this persons opinion, among the many elements that make up a "great" city, being a great place to ride a bike is one of them. Bottomline, Tulsa needs to be a bicycle friendly community.

You can do your part! I won't pretend to speak for you.... Maybe you don't give a flip about bicycling, or you just don't have any of those super-attractive tight outfits those hardcore riders are always sporting, or your bike is so old that you still have coaster brakes and playing cards in your spokes. Not to worry! There is no dress code for Bike to Work day, and in case you didn't know, that old Sting-Ray is back in style. And if you don't care about bicycling yourself, that's ok too. More bikes on the road just means more room on the road for your Hummer. I digress.

SO....lube up that chain, hop on, and ride to work with us to our kickoff event on Wednesday, May 16th. We are meeting down at the Blue Dome Diner from 7:00 am to 8:30 am. And breakfast is on us. Well, at least those delicious, homemade breakfast sandwiches they make at the Blue Dome are on us.

Let's make a statement! Everyone who can, ride and join us in solidarity. Should Tulsa be a more Bike Friendly place? You bet it should. How is that going to happen? We have to be a loud voice for change. We have to organize. Mostly, we have to ride our bikes. The more riders we have, the more visibility we have, and the more likely it is that those who can make the changes will notice.

I hope we can make this the largest Bike to Work event in the State. OKC is having their event on that Friday, as is Norman. So help us make sure that we remain the biking capital of Oklahoma on Wednesday May 16th.

More info at

P.S. For those who plan to ride with us all season long (May through Sept 15th) the Bike to Work Tracker is back in business. Track your bike to work miles weekly and be entered to win monthly prizes. All participants will receive a report showing how many miles you have peddled.

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Blogger Paul Tay said...

One top o'morning bagel at Panera before rolling on BTW Day: 93 cents, including tax;

One cup of coffee to wake up at 0600: $1.50, including tax;

Pissing off IGNORANT, impatient, over-the-speed-limit cagers on Riverside Dr. by "impeding" traffic, causing 911 AND KRMG Traffic Central switchboards to light up like X-mas lights: Yep, you guess it!

10:19 PM  
Blogger Paul Tay said...

No dress code, eh? You-know-who's gonna show. Feliz Navidad, people!

10:27 PM  

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