Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday Musette

Just two items today.

Football: Threat or Menace?

I fully expect to hear something like this on a television station here in Oklahoma one day:

Nuclear war has broken out in Asia, but first here's our coverage of today's OU football game!”

Football is the new paganism with its own pantheon of gods, demi-gods, saints, demons, imps, and a succubus or two. In case anyone is wondering, I'm just a bit testy this morning and it's all because of football.

Number One Son is a football fanatic. He lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps football. If he's here alone, the television is tuned to the NFL all-football-all-the-time network. He may not be capable of spelling common English words, but he knows obscure football statistics and trivia. I think he's insane.

Of course, he plays football in school, and his first day of practice was yesterday. The football demons decided that it was necessary to have a 'midnight' practice. Yes, you read that right. They practiced until well after midnight. Jordan called at 1AM saying he was ready to come home. Mary shook me awake and I was off.

Traffic is very light at one in the morning. I arrived at the field house in a few minutes, spotted Jordan waiting, and promptly made the run back to the house. Along the way, we spotted a cyclist wobbling along 86th Street, wandering from lane to lane well ahead of us. I slowed down, thinking he might be drunk, but after a few stylish zig-zags, he made a left into a neighborhood street. Need I mention that he had reflectors but no lights or helmet?

We got home and I fell back into bed only to awaken at 3AM with my sinuses dumping into my throat. I hacked and wheezed. A hot cup of tea (Red Zinger, no less!) helped me breathe properly once again, and I dozed off.

The alarm went off at 5AM, as usual, and I swung my legs out of bed feeling bad again. No ride for me today. I drove to work instead. And it's just as well that I did. I was so tired that I fell asleep at my workbench once or twice.

The Rest of the News...

This is local content. The Owasso Public Works Department unveiled engineering plans for 129th East Avenue. The street will be widened to 5 lanes running north from 76th Street to about half a mile south of 96th Street where it will join an existing 5 lane section. Construction is expected to begin in September. While the road work is underway, two lanes will always be open as will access to the neighborhood streets. The plan calls for a signalized intersection at the Sixth Grade Center and an improved signal between the high school and mid-high. The schedule calls for a 450 day duration to the construction and an additional 60 days for cleanup and landscaping.

(Link to Owasso Reporter)

For cyclists, this means riding 129th will be a definite improvement after the project is completed. The street is an average 2 lane now, and it can be difficult for motorists to pass. I've had more problems along that street than on any other around here. This is very welcome news.

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Blogger Yokota Fritz said...

I enjoy watching a good ball game but I certainly don't track who's doing what and winning where.

Your top tube padding comment made me choke on my lemonade this afternoon. :-)

5:10 PM  
Blogger amidnightrider said...

I tried watching the game a few times but it's not my cup of tea. Too slow for me. Actually I don't watch any sports on TV. Live, I have a little more patience, but not much. And this from guy who coached for 26 years.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Ed W said...

I'm a foul weather football fan. That means I'll sit inside watching a game when it's just too nasty to be outside doing something. When I lived in PA, I watched more games, but here in OK, I don't see much until the playoffs - usually.

July and August here are analogous to January and February up north. No one wants to be outside in the heat, although since the PGA is in Tulsa this week, a whole bunch of people (25,000 were estimated today) are braving temperatures in the high 90s. Water at the golf course sells for $4 per bottle.

8:48 PM  

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