Saturday, September 29, 2007

Can an intelligent lock outwit a dumb thief?

This is an interesting idea, but I have to wonder if there will be a problem with false triggering in a crowded bicycle parking area. Still, it's a novel idea that would have applications in other areas. A motorcyclist acquaintance thought it would work better for his Harley rather than a bicycle, and I have to agree.

Intelligent lock focuses CCTV on bicycle thieves

Story link: Intelligent lock focuses CCTV on bicycle thieves by Jan Harris

The University of Portsmouth and Winchester-based security company, SOS Response, have developed an innovative bicycle security system.

The £6,000 system was invested by Hampshire police officer Dave Fairbrother. A bicycle is locked up at a special rack, and the owner then sends a text message to a security office.

If an unauthorised person tries to steal the bicyle, a silent alarm is emitted by a motion sensor in the lock. This activates a CCTV camera which zooms in the bicycle’s location.

Security staff are alerted of the incident via an alarm, and can remotely view footage from the CCTV camera and take appropriate action. Live images from the camera will also flash up on monitors in the security office.

A three-week trial of the product has been carried out at Portsmouth University and the system is ready to go live.

Students starting Portsmouth University will be given the lock for free, in an effort to reduce bicycle thefts.

The system is expected to be adopted by educational establishments, public sector organisations and businesses.



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