Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sue Knaup given the boot!

(Not a recent photo)

Sue Knaup Leaving Thunderhead

PRESCOTT, AZ (BRAIN)-Thunderhead Alliance's board of directors has decided to part ways with executive director Sue Knaup.

"The board informed me on August 31 that they plan to take Thunderhead in a new direction that does not include me," Knaup said. "In spite of all my efforts, the board is set on their new plan and direction."

She added, "In a strange way I am uplifted as I look ahead to my next role for bicycling and walking, transit and social equity. I plan to launch a new international
organization that will hold at its core the principle of respect and kindness for leaders of advocacy organizations and carry on the capacity building efforts I held so dear at Thunderhead."

Sue Knaup called me an "enemy of cycling." And yes, I took it personally. But here's hoping she can find a new job...that is...if there's anyone willing to hire her. I received neither 'respect nor kindness' from her and some of her sycophants, so I have no sympathy for her ignominious sacking. Getting kicked to the curb was too kind.

Also, let's hope that Thunderhead's new direction includes something other than the 'build it and they will come' variety of paint-and-pave they've espoused up to now. Some diverse viewpoints would be welcome too, but I won't hold my breath.

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