Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Musette

Rain? In August?

The Bianchi has fenders (mudguards to some of you!) again, and apparently I installed them at the right moment. The radar shows a line of thunderstorms heading this way. With my luck, they'll arrive just when I leave for home.

A word about the installation. These new fenders are the Hardcore Road models with stainless steel hardware from Planet Bike. Installation was simple except for the bracket that attaches to the brake bridge. I couldn't get enough clearance to keep the tire from rubbing until I cut off the vertical tab and used zip ties to secure the bracket. This procedure is included with the instructions, except for the tab removal. My Bianchi San Remo has generous clearances otherwise. I've had tires as large as 38mm installed without any problems – without fenders, of course. The current tires are only 28mm, so you'd think clearance wouldn't be a problem.

We had rain here last week too. This is a rarity in August. Some summers we haven't had rain in June, July, or August. The ground cracks, and small towns have water rationing. But not this year.

So I may be riding home in the rain. It's much easier to take with the temperatures in the 80s. In January when it's 40F, raining, and an icy wind comes out of the north at 25mph or more, it's an entirely different proposition.

More bike lane inanity.

I came across a post some time ago in which a cyclist lamented he could not get from here to there because there was no bike lane. Seriously. No bike lane = can't go there. I seem to recall writing something about how bike lanes fostered dependency in some cyclists. The so-called advocacy groups who insist that lanes are necessary both play on cyclist's deepest, darkest fears and do much to encourage that dependency.

Well, recently I came across another one, a cyclist who insisted that unless there were a big group riding together on XYZ Road, it was impossible to ride there because motorists often encroached on the bike lane.

So there you have it. First, the roads will not be 'safe' until bike lanes are installed, and second, even the bike lanes aren't safe unless there's a big group of cyclists present.

Pardon me while I go have a depressive episode.

And finally...

Of course it didn't rain! I have fenders!

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