Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday morning coffee

Tulsa Tough photos on Google

I posted over 60 photos from last year's Tulsa Tough on my Google account. Most of these images are from the Kid's Challenge events and include both the 'classroom' sessions and the skills workshop. There are some photos of the bicycle assembly party and the Saturday and Sunday tour.

Sunday morning coffee

Back in December, I purchased an oriental coffee maker from the Nam-Hai Market in Tulsa. This is a tiny coffee maker constructed almost like a French Press. There's a similar plunger-type device inside, but I don't think it's meant to operate like a French press. The whole device sits atop a coffee cup, in this instance, an espresso cup. Ground coffee is added to the urn and hot water is poured in on top of it. But I think the plunger is meant to go in BEFORE the coffee so it controls the brew time. There are similar coffee makers that have a screwed-in plunger, and in those devices, the coffee goes in first, then the plunger mechanism is screwed down on top of it.

I wanted to learn to make Thai coffee similar to that served in my favorite Thai restaurant, Thai Siam in Tulsa.

And yes, that's my favorite coffee cup. Imagine that!

Those darn French! Look what they've got me into now!

Boogie woogie music

There's a wonderful voice intro by Long John Baldry called "Conditional Discharge" describing how he was nicked for "contravening a breach of the peace." The policeman's pronunciation of 'boogie woogie' has stuck with me over the years. Just follow the link to hear it.

My favorite ear candy consists of Sci-Fi, comedy, and blues podcasts. I've mentioned Mur Lafferty before, so today I'll stick to music.

The Roadhouse - a mix of current and old recordings, spanning the genre from blues rock to the twangy 'roots' music of the Mississippi delta.

Texas Blues Cafe
- blues rock with a modern sound.

And a new one, to me anyway, Raven n Blues from the UK.

All of this gets loaded onto my MP3 player and it really helps me get through those days doing long, tedious computer modifications. I've performed over a hundred of them so far. The family can usually tell when I've spent the day on mods because I arrive home a teeny bit grumpy.

Five of them are waiting for me on the bench this week. I'll need music...and coffee.


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