Sunday, May 03, 2009


I just posted a bit of satire on the Examiner, mainly to see if the editor sends a nastygram about it. I figure if they accept rants like that one from the guy in NYC, a bit of snark should be acceptable too.

We spent the afternoon looking at cars both here in Owasso and down in Tulsa. My Ford died yesterday morning while I was running errands. It's stranded in a parking lot at present, and it's likely that it will go away on the hook of a wrecker. Fixing the transmission would be more than the car is worth.

So we looked at cars. Lots of cars. I found a Toyota Yaris, a Nissan Sentra, and a Nissan Altima that I liked. The Altima is at the top of my range, though it's a very nice car. Jordan had a melt-down when I mentioned it. Dad - that old fud of a father - couldn't possibly be looking at cool cars.

All the walking around trashed my foot. It hurts. And tomorrow morning, I have no choice but to ride the bike to work. We're down to one motor vehicle, and Lyndsay needs it.


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