Sunday, November 08, 2009

Gravity still works opposed to comedy, which only works when it feels like it.

Yesterday, Lyndsay said she wanted to go to Woodward Park in Tulsa. Our kids referred to it as 'squirrel park' since they were small, because we went there with peanuts for the squirrels. It's fun to watch a toddler who's both excited and slightly frightened by these wild animals. Lyndsay caught on to the idea of getting the squirrels to take a peanut from her hand. Jordan would let the get only so close, then he'd hurl nuts their way.

But that was years ago. Yesterday, Lyndsay was intent on using some of the information she'd learned in a digital photography class last month. She roamed around, shooting leaves, flowers, and inevitably, some squirrels. We'd arrived armed with peanuts, as usual.

While she wandered, I took some leaf photos too, but I took more shots of her. I'm not foolish. I know that my daughter will only be here at home with the old folks for a short time. Soon, she'll be off on her own, so I cherish these afternoons together.

The trip was not without incident. I wanted to get this photo, but in moving around to get the right angle, my foot was caught on a rock. I toppled over backward, landing flat on my back. My only concerns were to keep my head tucked in case another rock was behind me, and I cradled the camera in my arms. Fortunately, there was no damage to my back as I landed on grass and dirt. This morning, though, I was moving quite slowly. My back aches from the impact.

Ibuprofen is my friend today.



Blogger Yokota Fritz said...

I suppose there could be some humor in gravity. I'm glad you're not seriously injured! Maybe you should wear a helmet while wandering in the park.

I was on a mountain bike trail yesterday when I ran across a dog (off leash) and stopped to avoid squashing the critter. I was trackstanding inches from the edge of a cliff, ready to go again when dog's owner approaches running. I spaz and tilt over over into the bushes downhill of me. The jogging dog owner laughed. I'm glad she saw the humor in it.

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