Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tuesday photos

Canon A590IS

There are two photos today.  This first one is a snapshot taken as I walked out the front door this afternoon.  She's the reason we have tiny paw prints across the cars.  This cat is a stray we've named 'Baby.'  She's not feral as she's quite sociable.  In fact, she's something of an attention sponge.  Baby will gently bite my hand when she needs some affection.  She's also fond of grabbing my hand between her paws and drawing it over toward her head for some ear scratching.


Mary and I came across this in the grocery store last night.  Look carefully.  It's Pepsi made with REAL SUGAR not corn sweetener.  Some Mexican groceries carry imported sodas made with real sugar.  They charge premium prices for it and the stuff sells out rapidly.  This is the first time I've seen this product in the mainstream grocery.

I bought it as a special treat for Mary, but she'll have to be very careful of the sugar content.  Each can has 40 grams!  This will be for special occasions and she'll have to split the can with Lyndsay.  



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Alternate label - two photos for the price of one.

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