Saturday, February 27, 2010

Breaking news...

The new refrigerator looks somewhat like this.

The venerable refrigerator here in Chateau CycleDog just went to that big appliance store in the sky. This constitutes a family emergency. Lowe's is now $1700 richer - as in nice carbon fiber bike richer - and in a few hours we will once again have the modern convenience of refrigeration....and an ice maker...a water dispenser...and another bill to pay.

Later - I was astonished at what a new refrigerator costs. The last one was in the $800 range, if I recall right, and that was almost exactly 22 years ago. In fact, it will be 22 years in June. But I can't complain much. We had good service from the old one. Let's hope the new one outlasts me.

I was hoping to get a new netbook with some of the overtime money, but it's going to cover the new fridge. I've been working alternating 8 and 12 hour shifts, so that totals 20 hours of OT every week. Some co-workers are doing six 12 hour days. That's too much for me. I'm drag-assed tired all the time as it is.

We had to remove the refrigerator from its box, and remove both the storm door and security door from the front of the house. We wrestled the beast inside only to discover that it won't fit under the cabinet! I need to take a saber saw to it tomorrow and cut off about half an inch of wood.

I really don't need this kind of excitement on a Saturday night, especially when I was just looking forward to coming home for a relaxing evening.


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