Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"Oops!" followed by a thud

Saturday afternoon, I came home from work - ten hours of overtime - and I was very tired. Mary had been cooped up in the house for a couple of days and she wanted to get out. I can't hold that against her. So I took her shopping.

We left the house and I put my Canon Canonet in her lap. When we pulled up in front of that famous French store, Target, she'd forgotten about the camera and simply got out of the car. That was the "Oops!" on my part. She just said, "What was that?"

Nothing was obviously broken. Not even a dent or a scratch. But when I looked through the view finder, the f-stop scale was missing.

The meter movement is in the center of the above photo with the f-stop scale re-glued in place. I was lucky. The scale was rattling about in the top cover. It didn't slip down inside the camera body.

Internally, the Canon is more densely packed than the Yashica Electro. Maybe that's why I like the Electro more for now. It's just easier to find things.

The viewfinder is loose too, but it's been loose since I bought it. I have to tack the cover back down atop the rangefinder mechanism - those diagonal mirrors over on the left side - so I need a suitable adhesive for that. I used a super glue gel on the f-stop scale, but I want something with less bond strength for the rangefinder cover in case I have to remove it again.

Heigh-ho, we're off to the hardware store!



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