Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday photos

This is a long exposure, basically the idea I want to pursue with some of this nightime photography.  This was taken with the Canon A590IS with an ISO80, f2.8, for 15 seconds.  Yes, 15 seconds.  That red streak is my son driving by in the car.  I like the way the headlights lit the road.  And I also like the very low noise in this photo, so much unlike the one from earlier in the week.

This is much the same shot without the car going by.  Several of them drove up the hill, but their headlights overpowered the camera.  I want to try 'painting' a foreground object with a powerful flashlight too.  But it was getting cold, my batteries were about shot, and dinner was waiting.

This is interesting too.  It's a power supply board with a burnt-out thermistor and capacitor.  When this thing went, it shot tiny balls of molten metal onto an adjacent circuit board.  It looked almost like weld spatter.  The weird thing was the computer still worked.  I'm hoping the board isn't badly charred under the thermistor, or it's very possible the card will be scrap.  At about $12,000 a piece, I really hesitate to scrap them.  I've been trained to repair multi-layer boards like this, so it may be salvageable.  Still, board repair work is tedious and very time-consuming.

All in all, I've had a good day!



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