Monday, January 11, 2010

Cyclists protest Facebook hate site

It's over on the Examiner.

And, yes, I do have some photos today, but I'll post them tomorrow. I've been berry, berry busy tonight. Let's see, we had another venture into the Mouth of Hell this afternoon and we got off easy. More on that tomorrow. And of course, since Mary and I were out and about, there was shopping to be done.

The photos are of the disassembled Yashica Electro 35 GT. It had an intermittent. It still has an intermittent. Grrrrr. My frustration threshold was exceeded. One positive note, though, and that's about the Electro GSN. I exercised the shutter, cleaned the battery contacts, and generally cleaned it up. It worked! The shutter worked perfectly without any odd noises.

I'm whupped. It's been a busy day and there will be another busy one tomorrow. It includes taking two male cats off to the vets to get snipped. I watched a vet do this once, and believe me, it made me want to keep my legs crossed at all times.


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