Friday, January 08, 2010


It's been a tough week here in the CycleDog ranchero.  I haven't had enough sleep, leaving me more than a little grouchy and irritable.  Naturally, the writing suffers.  I simply can't develop good ideas when I'm half asleep.  Oh, I have some ideas, but following through is the hard part. Also, I said I'd do a photo per day, and I'm trying to stick to that.  They may not be good photos, but we'll see how the project develops over time.


Look what I found buried in my toolbox!  That's a Campy head for a Silca frame pump.  As far as I know, it's never been used.  I wonder what else is in there?  


This is very likely the reason for the recent (and expensive) repair to the Kodak Z1285.  I like those wrist straps, but apparently the furry hooligans like them too.


Finally, this is the thermometer on our porch.  I took this just before leaving for work this morning while Duchess the Wonder Dog searched for that last blade of grass she hasn't peed on yet.  She searches much, much faster when it's this cold.

Steve A asked when I was planning to post more shots from the film cameras.  I have some ideas involving the ISO1600 test photos I did earlier.  I'm thinking of using the digital cameras to photograph area buildings at night, and then use the resulting images and camera settings to make film exposures.  In effect, this uses the digital camera as a glorified light meter.  I may be out doing that tomorrow morning, or, since I'm feeling halfways asleep already (and it's only 930PM) I may just sleep late tomorrow.


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