Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Ask Doctor Wally: Bolsheviks!

Dear Dr. Wally

One of our prominent local politicians (I think you know the one!) insists that bicyclists are all dope-smoking hippies and Bolsheviks! I'm a Methodist and I don't take anything stronger that aspirin. What should I say to this man?

Concerned in Choteau

Don't take it too personally, Concerned, because we have to give him points for creativity. And yes, I do know the man. Remember that here in Oklahoma, Republicans call each other 'liberals' during the primary season because it's the dirtiest epithet they know. It shows a lack of imagination and an inability to grasp the more subtle nuances of invective and innuendo.

But are cyclists more likely to be lefties? Perhaps we should ask if other groups with common interests have similar political inclinations. What about fishermen or library patrons? One central issue for all is to preserve the resources they use. Fishermen are interested in clean water. Library users want to see that books are easily available and properly maintained, and cyclists want good roads. But everyone benefits from good roads, clean water, and the free exchange of information. Our individual interests serve to better the world for others, much as our individual abilities ultimately serve our individual needs. So, yeah, we are Bolsheviks!

See you on the road, comrade!

Dr. Wally

Next time: Make your own energy bars/tire patches using common industrial chemicals.



Blogger The Donut Guy said...

I'm in trouble.....I ride a bike with a 2 stroke motor attached to the rear rack.....*and* I'm a liberal leftwing Libertarian nutjub.

6:22 AM  
Blogger Steve A said...

"...are cyclists more likely to be lefties?"

No, but cycling ADVOCATES are more likely to be HARD lefties.

Seriously, you'll note that cycling advocates are VERY QUIET in Washington State about the introduction of a mandatory bike lane usage bill by a liberal. It's for our own safety, after all.

7:07 PM  

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