Sunday, March 18, 2007

Street repair

It's a sure sign that spring has arrived when the paving crews make their annual appearance. Last week, as I was riding home from work one afternoon into a nice headwind, I encountered a work crew along 66th Street north of Mohawk Park. When the wind shifts around to the north, I ride home through the park because the trees help break up the wind. Anyway, the crew was patching the S-bend section of 66th Street which has been so badly broken down it had only one usable lane. Fortunately, that street is very lightly traveled, so the pavement wasn't a major problem. But it's also a popular route for cyclists and as we move further into spring, it will see more cycling traffic as the Freewheel training rides get underway.

I saw only one worker who wasn't doing something, so I stopped and thanked him for fixing 'my' road. A Tulsa county road crew with everyone working! Imagine that!

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