Monday, March 05, 2007

I been tagged...

...and I coulda been somebody. Instead, I'm a bum.

One happy Luddite
Outside the mad world roars by
His smile is content

Fritz tagged me. Now, I'm not entirely sure what that means, but that's never stopped me from writing before. Also, he calls it a 'meme'. I'm not sure what that means, either, and I surely do not know how to pronounce it. Me-Me? Meem? Who knows. I'm supposed to write five reasons I do this blog. Or maybe I'm supposed to write five things you don't know about me. Given my usual, slightly befuddled state of mind, I might combine the two.

One reason I write is because I'm a windy old fart and I like to tell stories that make people laugh. And I do have lots of stories, some of them actually true. Meme? Mimi? I dated a girl named Mimi once. It was long ago, and she had really nice.....Oh, never mind.

Another reason I write CycleDog stems from a desire to teach people how to ride in traffic in comfort and safety. It ain't rocket science. It's a set of skills that can be learned relatively quickly, and it's a attitude that sees cyclists as simply equal to any other road user.

And another thing you may not know about me is that I have this persistent saddle sore right down here (reaches into trousers ala Bob Roll) and the damned thing just will not go away! I may have to name it after some prominent Republican.

CycleDog started as a project to work up ideas for the column I do for the Red Dirt Pedalers newsletter "Wheel Issues". I kinda grew a life of its own, though there's still a lot of crossover between the two venues. CD is much more immediate and timely, and it's less restrictive than the newsletter. I mean that the newsletter has limited space, not limited content. The column is seldom much more than 500 words. Like I said, I'm a windy old fart, and it's hard to do a good, funny story in 500 words. I enjoy trying.

Dr. Johnson said that no one ever wrote, except for money. I think he meant that writing should bring in some income, but that's not why I write this. When I look back over the last couple of years, I'm surprised to see just how much material I've committed to CycleDog. Maybe there's a money-making project in all that text. Maybe I'm thinking that it's a repository for much that I've learned, and it may provide some insight into my thinking long after I'm gone. Or maybe it's just a suppository of misinformation. (An aside: I never resist going for a laugh. We never know when we'll get to tell that last joke!)

Gotta go. She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed needs to go to the grocery store, and I'm her chauffeur. Sometimes it's good to be a lackey, especially if it involves dinnertime.

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Blogger Fritz said...

Maybe you should name that sore after a certain "prominent endocrinologist" Dr. Alexander Dlugi.

12:37 AM  

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