Tuesday, December 20, 2005


It was a long, slow grind to work this morning. I felt like a galley slave, chained to an oar in the lowest deck while the fat guy beat out a throbbing tempo. But there was a critical difference. I was both the galley slave and the fat guy setting tempo. Riding the bike felt like work.

Sometimes when I’m riding, a song settles into the rhythm of the pedals. On a fast day, it might be the Ramones with “Blitzkrieg Bop” or something similar. On a bad day, it’s a dirge-like Volga Boatmen, or a slow Sinatra song. Oh, the horror!

I over-indulged last night, not on booze but on food. I’ve reached the age where having a couple of drinks usually just makes me sleepy. On those rare occasions when I’ve had too many, I’ve discovered that the painful recovery from the good time takes longer than having the good time. That’s no fun.

We went out for dinner to a new Chinese buffet, and I tried to eat a little bit of everything. The only thing I can offer in my defense was that it was tasty. This place offers both Chinese and American food, as well as sushi and a Mongolian grill. I ate things I’ve never seen before.

But the high point of the dinner was when the Chinese waitresses sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in bad English. It was genuinely funny since most of them don’t speak the language well, but they were very sweet. My kids thought I’d be embarrassed, but I just rolled with it. The waitresses brought me a ‘special Chinese birthday cake’ and I was so full, I needed help eating it.

Shortly after we got home, I fell asleep, wrapped around that big ball of food in my belly. I think I could have slept through until spring. Hibernation sounds attractive.

Morning arrived, as it always does, and I stood on the bathroom scale out of habit. You’d have thought it was some kind of Lotto drawing! The numbers spun by. Gears whirred and springs protested against the strain. When all the commotion stopped, I was aghast at the number! No wonder I felt like a slug all the way to work.

Drinking coffee didn’t help, even though I managed to drink half of the water bottle on the ride in. (I use an insulated, stainless steel water bottle for coffee on the bike. It’s very civilized!)

The kids gave me some interesting birthday gifts, including a couple different kinds of dark chocolate. Some of it is Chocolate Coffee Dreams from Anthon Berg. I brought that box into the shop. Get this – it’s coffee AND chocolate! There are five different flavors: espresso, cappuccino, Irish cream, toffee macchiato, and vanilla frappe. So I get to over-indulge in caffeine, sugar, and all those interesting alkaloids.

The day is looking up! If I pump enough of this stuff into my system, the rest of the day could be very, very weird.


Blogger Fritz said...

I thought you took the rest of the year off.

I forced myself to ride at lunch today. My commute is only 5 miles and that's no sweat. The lunch ride was painful -- I'm eating too much also.

Chocolate + coffee: I like to that concentrated cocoa drink thing at Starbucks and dump that into an espressso.

8:33 PM  
Blogger mags said...

Ah, yes - from time to time riding seems like such a drag. There are days when I really have to force myself onto the bike. But then, then there are those beautiful, clear and calm spring mornings that make it all worth while during the winter months.


5:06 PM  

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