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Every now and then, someone has to hype The Next Big Thing, so I suppose the Street Surfer should be regarded in that category. It's essentially a bicycle with four small front wheels, "like the Tyrell P34 Formula 1 car" according to this website. And in all seriousness, I expect it could be a fun ride provided you don't hit any potholes, railroad tracks, street car tracks, or other road discontinuities. Small wheels generally have problems with 'stepping over' such things, and I'd definitely not want to be the guy to discover how effective the quad wheels are on a long, fast downhill! From the rest of the text, it sounds as if this was built as a trick bike, suitable for performing stunts in the parking lot......Ed

The StreetSurfer – like a bicycle, except very different

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 December, 2005 : - - “The bicycle has effectively been the same since the safety bicycle evolved from the Penny farthing more than a century ago”, says Mark Palmer, chief evangelist of the StreetSurfer, “and we figured it was about time to take the next step.”

Interestingly, those who have ridden the StreetSurfer tend to agree that it is not just very different to the bicycle, but significantly better in several key aspects – steering, cornering, front wheel tracking and the general feel which is more akin to surfing or snowboarding than a BMX or mountain bike – and more than capable of creating its own following and a dedicated street culture.

The four-wheeled front foot of the StreetSurfer offers significantly more traction than a bike tyre and the dynamics of the bike are flowing like surfing. Suspension is equally unconventional, being comprised of polymers which activate on impact. Limited supplies will be available of the StreetSurfer prior to Christmas.

First and foremost, it might look like a bicycle, but the StreetSurfer is an entirely different machine in so many respects – like the Tyrell P34 Formula 1 car, the Covini Sportscar or the Ford Seattle-ite, the secret of all those front wheels is the enormous traction. With four points of contact with the road, it sticks like glue and allows you to do things a normal pushbike can’t do.


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And Tim Grahl asks why bike makers are reluctant to jump more enthusiastically into the 29er market.

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