Thursday, May 11, 2006

INCOG Bicycling Subcommittee Meeting 9MAY2006

This is not intended as a substitute for the official minutes. It is provided as information for area cyclists.

Bike To Work

Tulsa’s Bike To Work event will be held from 7AM to 9AM at Williams Green Mayfest stage. This is located at Third and Boston. Starting at 7:30AM, Mayor Taylor, Bill Cartwright, Jim Norton, and Chris Zondofor will be the featured speakers. (If I misspelled any names – my apologies.) Tulsa Transit will have one of their new buses on hand for demonstrations of the bicycle racks on all city buses. There will be informational booths, demonstrations, prizes, food, and fun! (Cyclists are ALWAYS drawn to free food! Or maybe that’s just me.) All registrants are eligible for free bus passes from Tulsa Transit and a $250 gift certificate from Lee’s Bicycles. Register and learn more at or call 918.584.7526.

Trail Projects

Discussion of maps available on INCOG website for area trail users. (Existing trails and those in the near future) (Planned trails)

Osage Prairie Trail north of 51st Street is unfinished due to a drainage problem. A short section is out at present. Needs funding for section north of Hwy 20.

FEMA bridge at Haikey Creek (Mingo/BA South Loop Trail) is still waiting for formal approval. Construction expected in first quarter of 2007.

West Bank II (I-44 to 71st ST/Turkey Mountain) – Railroad signed off on project. Contract to be bid in 2006. Construction in 2007.

Midland Valley Extension (near Lee’s Elementary and Peoria/Hwy 75 N) – bid expected 2006. Construction in first quarter of 2007.

New proposal regarding bikeway along Darlington north of LaFortune Park rather than along Fulton. Signalized intersection at Fulton and 51st St.

Discussion of Mingo Trail alignment near 41st St and Hwy 169. Current proposal seems to indicate sidewalk utilized as contra-flow bikeways. Discussed routing trail westward toward Mingo Road, or diverging pedestrian and cyclist trails in that area.

Discussion of trail system signage similar to that adopted in the Chicago area. Signs would be simple posts with placards. Discussed appropriate signage for motorists on streets crossing trails.


INCOG staff is compiling an index of area bicycling laws from the municipalities within their service area.


Blogger Paul Tay said...

LOL. INCOG is just now getting around to compiling a list of municipal bicycle ordinances in their service area? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

They will find their policy to segregate bicycles away from motor vehicles is totally inconsistent with both Oklahoma State Statutes and ALL municipal ordinances!

INCOG, you people are on a WRONG track. Bicycles are TRAFFIC. So, forget 'bout bike lanes, bike routes, and other stoooopid bike signs. Yer dumber than turkey on T-Day.

8:10 PM  
Blogger Paul Tay said...

The blue lines for existing bikeways on the Bike/Ped Plan should overlay the street and highway system, according to BOTH OK State Statutes and ALL municipal ordinances.

What a big waste of tax dollars trying to segregate bikes and motor vehicles. Dumber than turkey on T-Day.

Hey, INCOG, get a clue ALREADY. We already have the world's most advanced bikeways system. The problem is the price of gas is STILL not high enough.

8:18 PM  
Blogger Paul Tay said...

INCOG will be receiving a letter of protest from me. They violated federal law under ISTEA requirements MPO's seek public input for all projects that uses ISTEA funds. INCOG has not properly published public notices of this meeting. Mineta, Jimbo, and Sully will get CC'd.

8:49 PM  

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