Friday, September 29, 2006

Waay off topic

Waay off topic...

I'm wondering just who is on the US House of Representatives Energy &
Commerce Committee. News reports mention only two: Rep. John Dingell
(D-Mich) and Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore). The news articles I've read would
seem to indicate that our lawmakers find the situation at Hewlett-Packard as
deplorable as Watergate. You remember Watergate - if you're old enough,
that is - as a series of illegal acts involving domestic spying, breaking
and entering, lying under oath, and obstructing Congress. If H-P is
engaging in "arrogance, cover-up, and gross stupidity" and this is as
morally reprehensible as the Watergate scandal, how is it possible that our
present White House administration is any less reprehensible? If spying on
your employees and colleagues is repugnant, then spying on the American
people is no less repugnant.

So, who's on that committee, and how did they vote on our (acting)
president's policies? How do those votes compare to committee statements
regarding H-P?

Integrity means that an individual applies the same standards in differing
situations. If an act is morally unacceptable in one circumstance, it's not
acceptable in another and clearly doesn't depend on one's party affiliation.


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