Thursday, May 03, 2007

Did bike pirates blow up the bridge?

I sent a link to that story over to Fritz on Cycle-licious early yesterday morning. By early, I mean at about 5:30 AM, shortly before I left for work. Trust me, at that hour my writing is absolutely awful. Spelling is hit or miss, mostly miss. I don't have a cuppa until I get to work, so I'm basically a surly, miserable SOB.

Here's the Wired piece:

Now it seems that the Bike Pirates are taking credit for the destruction:

You all realize the significance of this, I hope. The re-emergence of pirates as an effective fighting force can only mean that once more the Flying Spaghetti Monster is asserting his will through his invisible, noodly appendage.

Arrh! Arrh! where's my stuffed parrot?

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