Sunday, January 27, 2008

Purina Bachelor Chow...

(Image from REDACTED)

Apparently the folks at M****8Spit don't approve of my use of their image. That's fine. If I inadvertently sent some traffic their way by including a link to their page, I apologize for that, too.

Found via who observed, "I note for reference that the Guaranteed Analysis covers eight components, three of which are described as "crude." Yep."

Ya know, this is one of those products that can greatly simplify a guy's life. Rather than decide between re-heating leftover Chinese in the microwave, popping another frozen pizza in the microwave, or calling in an order for more boring Mexican take out, he can just sit down in front of the television with a wholesome bag of Purina Bachelor Chow and a refreshing beer. No muss, no fuss, and certainly no dishes to wash! Whatta deal!

I think Rita Rudner said that all men wanted from life was sex, food, and a warm, dry place to sleep. "And then I realized - that's all my dog wanted from life too."

They could market this stuff to cyclists with some minor changes. "New! Improved Purina Bachelor Chow Endurance Formula with added Epo flavor!"

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