Monday, November 24, 2008

News Flash

Be still my heart!

News Flash

Help Re-Name Thunderhead Alliance - Win $$$
Thunderhead Alliance is embarking upon a process to rename/rebrand the organization. We’re inviting all our members to share with us ideas for a new name. If your suggestion is selected, you will win a $250 voucher good towards your Thunderhead Alliance membership, events, or publications.

Soooo, they're looking for a new name? I can suggest a few, but remember, this is an organization whose former leader labeled me as "an enemy of cycling" because I had the effrontery to question their accepted wisdom on spending public monies on bike lanes. Imagine that. Their reaction to differing viewpoints was worthy of Joseph Stalin, but at least he would have offered a blindfold and cigarette.

With that as prologue, here are my suggestions for a name change (and I'll do my very best to keep it clean!):

Give Us The Money Bicycling and Pedestrian Advocacy.

Inferior Cyclists/Inferior Facilities.

Cycling Shills for Cash.

Know Nothing Cycling.

Money Money Money Money Money Money Money and...uh...oh, yeah, Pedestrians.

And you didn't miss the fact that they're (sort of) offering money for a good suggestion, did you? Normally, an organization brings in a consulting firm to conduct some surveys about the perceptions associated with a new name. They have focus groups. But TA is doing this on the cheap, and only offering $250 VOUCHER for the winning entry.

So I'll make a counter-offer right out of my own pocket. I have $3.28 in change in my pants pocket right now. Put your own suitably twisted suggestion for a new name for TA in comments. The winner gets that princely sum of $3.28! What a deal! To keep this impartial, I'll ask Doctor Wally Crankset to be the judge, assuming he's not currently incarcerated and he's reasonably sober.

Remember, this ain't no VOUCHER. It's cash. Real money. So make your suggestions and I'll announce the lucky winner by December 7th.


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