Sunday, November 15, 2009


"I don't use my brain anymore. I have technology for that."...overheard in a restaurant yesterday.

It started off as a nice day. Wade and I had coffee and solved the world's problems from our regular seats in the coffee shop. I stopped at the drugstore and bought some 35mm film and a heating pad for Mary. Lyndsay was just waking up when I arrived at home.

"I'm up early, Daddy, because I fell asleep early - about 10:45", she said. This working for a living and getting up at 4:30 AM takes its toll.

I wanted to take a broken camera down to Tulsa for repair, so I asked if she wanted to go along. "I'll get ready and go with you", she said.

It was 9AM.

I did the update for the Ronde Van Oakkenberg, posting it both here and on the Examiner. I read all my email. I played on StumbleUpon for awhile, updated my anti-virus program, updated iTunes, downloaded some podcasts, juggled cats, watched the new neighbors moving in across the street, and otherwise wasted time waiting for her.

I went back to her room twice to inquire as to whether she was ready to go, with negative results.

At 10:30, she was ready.

Note to future prospective bridegrooms - she'll make you crazy too, but she's worth it.

We went to Tulsa and I dropped off the digital camera that a kitten pulled off the table onto the tiled floor. The tech gave me a flat rate that was slightly higher than the manufacturer, but the company wanted that much just to look at it. Repairs could involve additional charges. This camera has better resolution than my Canon A590IS and a better telephoto as well. Chances are that Lyndsay will end up with it anyway.

After a few more errands, we stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant, site of the hilarious comment up at the top. Two women left a nearby table and were passing behind me when one ot them said it. Lyndsay had a mouthful of food at the time and I thought it was going to come out through her nose.

After lunch, I curled up around that big ball of Mexican food in my belly and took a nap on the couch. It had been a busy morning, what with juggling cats and all, and I needed the rest.

As I write this early on Sunday afternoon, the weather outside is cool and wet. There's a 90% chance of rain and the temperature is hovering in the mid-fifties. Perfect cyclocross weather! Jordan and I are leaving in about half an hour. Expect an update on the Ronde Van Oakkenberg later today.


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