Monday, April 26, 2010

Now with added chickens!

As a service to long-time readers, I'm pleased to announce that CycleDog will be upgraded from that tired money-for-positive-reviews format. In keeping with the latest, cutting-edge thinking emanating from Sue Lowden, who is challenging Harry Reid for his seat in the United States Senate, I've decided to take bribes incentive pay in the form of poultry from now on. Yes, who needs quaint, old fashioned money or PayPal when you can have live chickens running around in the house?

From now on, if a manufacturer wants a glowing review of their latest over-priced, under-engineered bicycling contraption, it's chicken on the barrel head, baby.

Partly, this is due to my medical condition. I'm not supposed to have beef, cheese, red wine, or beer. The proteins found in these foods causes my joints to swell up and become extremely painful. So I've been eating mostly chicken and fish. Who knew that I'd like fish tacos? But I've had so much chicken, I may sprout feathers any minute now. Still, I figure having them around the house may be better for me. If I want to eat, I'll have to chase them down first, and as anyone who's had to chase chickens knows, this is a high-calorie, aerobic exercise all by itself.



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