Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Canon ELPH update

This is the corner of 86th and Main in Owasso looking north along Main Street. It's just a snap shot through the windshield. That mini-van is about to turn right at the stop light, but wait! Who's over on the corner pushing the pedestrian crossing button? Why, it's the ubiquitous sidewalk cyclist!

Actually, he stood there waiting while the light cycled. The van turned right, and when the pedestrian signal said 'walk' the kid walked his bike across the intersection! Brilliant! He was a pedestrian with that oh-so-chic bicycle accessory.

Snark aside, what the kid did was both smart and legal. That's a busy intersection at rush hour.

The photo was taken with the Canon ELPH LT that I found in the local Goodwill store for a whole dollar. The film is Kodak APS 200. The upper image is the full frame, reduced to fit here as the original is over 3K pixels wide. The lower image was taken from the original and it's about 400 pixels wide.

I think, however, that I'll carry the Olympus XA2 instead of this Canon when I need a small, unobtrusive camera. While the Canon is clearly more sophisticated since it has an infrared rangefinder, a flash, and 3 different formats, I prefer the simplicity and lower film cost of the 35mm Olympus. Still, despite all that, I've been carrying and using the Yashica Electro 35 GT all summer because it has an outstanding lens. Sure, it's bulky and heavy, but so am I!

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