Thursday, January 20, 2011

For George...

I was poking around in St. John's Hospital while Mary was a patient there. I came across this fire extinguisher cabinet in a hallway off the main lobby. I don't know if this is Art Deco or Art Nouveau, and frankly it's not a good photograph. The cabinet may have contained a fire hose at one time, given the age of the building, but I wasn't about to open it to take a look. What stuck me about the door was the obvious concern for a pleasing artistic design in something as mundane as a utility cabinet.

St. John's has a collection of porcelain figurines in the main lobby. I walked by them several times before really taking notice. That's probably not unusual as people in hospitals tend to be preoccupied.

Mary complained about the hospital food. Lyndsay agreed that it was pretty bad. But I ate in the cafeteria once - just once in the whole time we were there - and I had some very good kielbasa and sauerkraut. Maybe the Polish crew was working in the kitchen that day. I was a happy camper.

All these photos were taken with my little Kodak Z1285. When I have some free time, I may go back down there to take some better photos.

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