Sunday, February 27, 2011

Old cars

Almost every Sunday morning, Wade and I have breakfast across the street from this used car lot. I'd noticed a few old cars over there, but who wouldn't notice a Jaguar XKE or some vintage Detroit iron?

This morning, however, I decided to take a closer look. There's a whole series of photos over on my Picasa web album, but I've included a few here.

Way back in the Pleistocene, when I was in high school, these were the cars in the parking lot.

This is a Cadillac convertible about the size of an aircraft carrier. I think it would be too big to fit in my garage. And it's a two-fer. Buy this one, and get another hardtop as a parts car! What a deal!

I think some of these will look good in black and white, so I may tinker with them as time permits. Actually, I've been thinking about photographing some old cars as part of the Route 66 theme, and since many of the images on the Tulsa City-County Library website are also black and white, it's fitting.

This is a Lincoln Continental from the mid-60s. I had a 1964 model in dark blue. It could seat 8 people! Notice the 'suicide doors' in the back and what looks like a trunk. It's not. That was actually the hangar deck of the Battlecar Galactica. Gas mileage was a paltry 3 mpg around town, but it soared to 8 on the highway! There's a 490 cubic inch V8 up front. It didn't accelerate fast, but it just kept going faster. I didn't want to find out what the top speed was. I also didn't like driving the car in the mountains when it was raining. It had vacuum wipers, so if you pressed down hard on the accelerator, the wipers all but quit. It's not a good feeling to be hurtling along while blind.

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Blogger The Donut Guy said...

I seriously love me some old rusty cars.

Get the latest copy of Hot Rod has a couple of really neat old rusty cars....

3:06 AM  

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