Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Panic Week! Day Two

It started out as a slow day. I arrived at work a little before 6AM. We heard that the FAA inspection team arrived at 6:45. No slackers, them.

Modified stationary panic is actually infectious. Our planner/acting supervisor was wandering around seemingly at random. The ESD/chemicals guy was practically vibrating. And the target for the day seemed to be air pressure.

Yes, air pressure. You know, we use compressed air to blow dust out of electronic units. And some of the manuals specify limits on the pressure. This may seem to be a minor deal, but when the feds come looking, it's important to see that our shop tools conform to manufacturers specs.

I went looking through the manuals for the ground prox warning computer. It didn't have a spec for the air pressure, but I found this gem in the modifications section:

"A microcircuit with a specific die version from a specific manufacturer can possibly have a
single event latchup when hit by a neutron. This modification gives the instructions to
examine and replace these microcircuits as necessary."

That explains so much! I had a computer that started singing "Danke Shoen" over and over. It probably took a hit from a Wayne Neutron, but regardless, it's out in Vegas now doing a lounge act. It left a trail of sequins leading out the door.

(Gosh, that was a long way to go for a joke! Still, it was a better than the zombie jokes.)

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