Monday, January 24, 2011

Poking around on a Sunday morning

Detail, the Adams Building

Sunday morning dawned cold and gray. The temperature was in the high thirties. That would be the warmest part of the day. The wind steadily increased from the north.

Morton Comprehensive Health Center, Lansing Park

Wade and I had breakfast at IHOP as usual. By the time we left, it was noticeably colder. We shivered in the parking lot while discussing a minor point about camera lenses, but gratefully dove into our cars to get out of that wind.

I went home and put on a heavier jacket. Then I went off to downtown Tulsa for some photos.

Tulsa's dilapidated armory at the Fairgrounds

I found some interesting buildings, but in all honesty, it was so cold I didn't want to spend much time outdoors. Despite multiple layers and a windproof jacket, I was chilled to the core. I even stopped at QT for a cup of coffee. It didn't help.

These are just three of the day's photos. The rest are on my Picasa web album.



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