Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day weekend

Yeah, right. It's a 'holiday' weekend so I get two days off. This overtime stuff is getting old.

(Click through for the full size photos. They're better!)

This was taken months ago with a Yashica Lynx 14, another rangefinder from the 1960s. I like the camera and I think the images are good, but it's a squinty viewfinder, difficult to focus quickly, and for that alone I don't carry it often. I'll have to tinker with it in low light sometime.

I purchased the 'pro' version of Zoner Photo Studio after using the free version for awhile. One of the photo blogs said this is very similar to Lightroom, but I wouldn't know. It does just about everything I need in a photo database and editing program. I've played with the panorama function, like in this photo and some others. The paid version will do high dynamic range and some other things I haven't learned to use yet.

Finally, as I wandered the Blue Dome Arts Festival last weekend, I saw this. The two women are members of Tulsa Belly Dance and they were preparing for a performance. The guy's reaction was simply fortuitous.

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