Sunday, May 01, 2011

Now what?

I've seen plenty of strange cycling stuff over the years, from Skid Lids to magic lasers meant to provide your own personal bike lane. But this helmet ranks near the top in terms of sheer goofiness.

First, be very afraid. "Six out of ten" bike crashes occur after 4PM. (And the majority of all cycling crashes occur in summer months when the sun goes down - what? - later than 4PM?) So if you wear this lighted helmet, maybe it increases the magical powers inherent in styrofoam and plastic.

In some circles, nothing says "dork" more effectively than wearing a helmet, but in this case, anyone wearing this uber-dorky model deserves to get beat up by some smart aleck math nerds in thick glasses.


Blogger Steve A said...

I'm not convinced it beats what I got from LAB for renewing my membership. Wheel lights that can be manually set to steady or blinking mode but don't do either unless you push the button.

FWIW, wheel lights DO seem a lot more useful than the CPSC wheel reflectors, but I think I'll pass on using these, too.

5:56 PM  
Blogger The Donut Guy said...

I embrace my inner bike dork.......I wear a flat black BMX skate helmet. Reflectors and lights?

Oh yeah, I have a helmet mounted blinkie, a fender mounted blinkie and a blinkie on my rack mounted luggage rack plus a strobe mounted on my handlebars....all from Planet Bike.

*AND* I have about 20 feet of 3M reflective tape mounted all over the bike....if someone hits me- they gotta be blind.

8:19 PM  

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