Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Owasso Road Projects

Today's Owasso Reporter has a story on a new section line road connecting 46th Street North to 177th East Avenue and 76th Street North. Those of you familiar with this area north of Port Road (46th Street North) know there's a quarry operation in the area, and it appears the new road will use the existing quarry road that winds up a small valley. The intent is to give port traffic a route to SH20. The road will follow the valley contours and will have several curves as an effort to reduce speeds. Also, it will have a paved shoulder - a rarity around here. This should be an attractive alternative to the aptly named Killer Hill at the Port of Catoosa.

The next article is about a $7.5 million 5-year plan to upgrade Owasso city streets. The city has a current backlog of $16.3 million in street repair needs. Given numbers like that, is it any wonder that cycling improvements are very far down the list? Still, street improvements benefit everyone, motorists and cyclists alike. The overall OCI value - a number that varies from 0 to 100 - is a 65. The 100 figure represents a new road, and zero a failed pavement. These improvements will bring the city's overall street rating to a 71. The backlog of maintenance and repair is expected to rise to $20.4 million.

Finally, INCOG funds will widen 86th Street North, with 5 lanes going west to US75. This is to be a joint city/county project and will be accomplished in phases. The first phase will widen the road from Owasso west to Mingo Road. Total cost is expected to be $12 million.


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