Saturday, October 20, 2007

BikeSnobNYC revealed!!!

Yes, the latest issue of Bicycling has photos and an interview with BikeSnobNYC.

He's posed ala Boy George in his 'pensive gaucho' phase, a strikingly sensitive yet manly photo that includes stunning use of color coordination between his attire and his oh-so-chic fixed gear bike. Everything that isn't NYC formal (black) is that other color - white.

Really. He should post a photo of the bike on fixed gear gallery so he can lampoon it.

But seriously - my congratulations for appearing in Bicycling! Trust me, the rest of us only mildly talented writers are seething with envy!

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Blogger Fritz said...

I think he's got an inside line. BS isn't "Bike Snob" but rather "Bill Strickland." The evidence is incontrovertible!

11:11 AM  
Blogger Paul Tay said...

Also, in this month's Buycycling, is a nifty, though a bit dated and belated, article on the world-wide phenom known affectionately as Critical Mess.

In reference to your comments about Owasso's 86th Street to the Owasso Reporter, unless YOU yourself are willing to take up the issue on the said street, the traffic GOB party will take NO notice.

For every pointed criticis of CM, you have to admit it has made a DIFFERENCE.

5:05 PM  

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