Saturday, October 13, 2007

I escaped for the morning!

There's a car event on Cherry Street in Tulsa today, mainly to exhibit the new Smart Car and offer some test rides. And while I was intrigued by the Smart Cars, this old Art Car caught my eye. More photos are on my flickr page.

Annie Hartzog-Murrell from Sustainable Tulsa.

Annie and her husband are bicycle commuters. We talked about some of the issues for Tulsa area cyclists, and I mentioned that I read the Sustainable Green Country blog. Really, there's lots of information about food! How could I resist?

Tom Brown - the Tom in Tom's Bicycles

I've said before that I like going into a bike shop where there's someone with more gray hair than me! This isn't a dig at Tom. I just like seeing someone with experience rather than some teenager. Well, that, and us old farts can swap lies with a straight face while the kids stand around looking bored.
Tom's storefront (and yes, that's Mark Lemieux trying to duck under the lens!)

Mark, if I spelled your name wrong, please let me know.

Assorted women's cycling clothes.

Normally, I wouldn't even notice the clothes racks, but Tom took pains to display these well, and the selection looked good. Not that I'm an expert on women's cycling clothing, of course. I just know that it can be difficult to find a variety.

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