Saturday, October 06, 2007

Okie Blog Awards are Up...

...and cutting to the chase, CycleDog didn't win.

Tasha Does Tulsa did win in the Best Culture Blog, however, and Natasha's blog is well worth reading. I first stumbled across her when she wrote about the Tulsa Tough back in June.

The whole list is on

I'd thought about attending the dinner, but it simply slipped my mind. Then the usual Saturday activities took over my limited attention, and after a day spent mowing, edging, and cutting down a sickly tree, I was too beat to even consider going out for a meal. Let's just say I have a 25 year old ego trapped in a middle-aged body. I overdid it today and now I'm paying the price.

But enough of that. My congratulations to all the winners! There's some good writing in that list, so take the time to read it. I'll candidly admit that Tasha Does Tulsa and Red Fork Hippie Chick are two of my favorites.

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