Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A thank you to Fritz

Fritz mentioned CycleDog again over on Cyclelicious. He said:

"CycleDog has been writing a series of "Why do they do that?" articles for the online Examiner in which he tries to bridge the gap by explaining to a motoring audience why cyclists do certain things."

He's a pal. The Examiner pieces aren't here. They're on the Examiner. Duh. It's that big button over to the right. I'm trying to do one "Why do they do that?" each week, and they should be out on Mondays. Wednesday is supposed to be a Cycling 101 informational piece. I got them mixed up this week. Dummy me.

Anyway, as I've said before, there's not a one of us as smart as all of us put together, so feel free to point out the stuff I've missed. Also, if you feel strongly about certain aspects of bicycling, like my complete avoidance of something near and dear to your heart, just send an email via the link here on CycleDog, or put something in comments. Either way, it reaches me.

But please, no questions about relationships, dating, love lives, or long missives begging me to explain what women want, how they think, or why it is that we simply cannot understand one another. I am not qualified to answer as I've only been married to the same woman for over 20 years and I still do not understand her. I merely accept what comes. It's much like trying to understand tomorrow's weather. It is what it is, and all my intellectual gyrations will not change it a whit.

Wally might answer, but I'd strongly caution any of you about taking his advice.


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