Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday musette

Wally Crankset - a great American

I was putzing around with this laptop earlier today, and decided to do a search for Wally Crankset stories. To my astonishment, I've written over 40 stories featuring Dr. Crankset! He's been mentioned a lot more times, but I found 40 stories. I'm going to scrape them together into a big pile and see what more can be done with them. That means re-reading and editing, and if I do any of it at work, my co-workers may wonder why I'm sitting at the bench laughing. Wally stories do that.

When it's done, I'll post it somewhere like Scribd.

Boston stolen bike plan

The city of Boston has a program to recover stolen bikes by using social media. First, you have to register your bike on the site. If it's stolen, you can report it there. Then notices go out via Twitter, Facebook, and email to subscribers including police, campus security forces, and bike shops. It sounds workable. STOLEN BIKES BOSTON


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