Friday, November 27, 2009

Ask Dr. Wally

Dear Dr. Wally

What are the proper libations to serve after a cold winter ride? One of my friends said the traditional Italian drink is something called grappa, but I've never hear of it before. Is he pulling my leg?

Buzzed in Bartlesville

Dear Buzz

Don't drink grappa. Try kerosene instead. You'll thank me for it. Grappa is made from what's left over after grapes go through a wine press. Supposedly there's 'good' grappa and 'bad' grappa, but only someone who drinks cleaning products for recreation would know the difference.

Besides, alcohol causes skin capillaries to dilate, increasing heat loss. Consider another warming drink instead, like espresso since we seem to be stuck on an Italian theme. You can impress your friends with a complicated and expensive espresso machine, or you can make equally strong coffee in a humble mokka pot like any Italian grannie.

If you simply must have alcohol, wait until after cooling off and taking a shower. Then open a bottle of stout or porter. They actually have a lower alcohol content than beer, but they have far more carbohydrates, sort of like a Power Bar in a bottle.

Dr. Wally

Next month: Sauerkraut - the new cure for saddle sores!



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"power bar in a bottle"

Thanks a keeper!

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