Tuesday, February 22, 2005

22 MPH

The local police have a radar speed monitor that they like to park on residential streets. It's a small trailer with a sign that lights up to let you know how fast you're traveling. This morning it was at the bottom of the hill outside my house.

I saw it immediately when it lit up to show a big "10". My ego kicked in and I started pedaling faster and faster. I topped out at 22 MPH! But the interesting part is that in order to do that speed, I had to pull 132 rpm. The commuter bike is a fixed gear (42x20) and frankly, I'm surprised that I could spin that high without bouncing. (I have a spread sheet that does all the calculations.) I spin furiously without going very fast, a definite plus on a cold winter day.

Truthfully, the bike is geared very low for a fixie, but I like it like that. It's easier to grind into a headwind or up a hill, and I'm always carrying baggage. I weighed the Bianchi once after riding home from work, and it weighed 45 pounds with all the stuff attached. This Centurion is less but not much less.


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